10 Of The Best 360 Videos On YouTube

Here at EyeSpy360™, we are all about 360 virtual tours, as you probably know! We love the opportunities that 360-degree photography and video can offer for broadening our experiences of the world and making things easier for everyday life. So, whilst this is a little off-topic for us, we wanted to share with you a few of our favourite 360-degree videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

1. The Maldives in VR

Hard day? If you feel the need to escape to your happy place for a while and leave your day behind you, what could be better than sitting on a jetty gazing out over the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. Just don’t start crying when you take your headset off and realise you’re not actually there.

2. Golden Retriever Puppies!

Speaking of going to your happy place… for fans of cute little canines, there could scarcely be a better way to unwind than hanging out in the company of a litter of gorgeous puppies. Let your heart swell as you get down on the floor with these little beauties, as they play and tumble around adorably.

3. How Schoolchildren Are Surviving the Nuba Conflict

Okay, so, back to the real world now. VR is being widely used nowadays to document conflict and suffering in a way that’s more immersive than traditional video. Join Jordania, a student in the Nuba mountains, as she explains how life is for her and her peers in war-torn Sudan.

4. Is The World Getting Better?


This one may be just the tonic you need after the thought-provoking experience above. Narrated by Bill Gates and accompanied by psychedelic visuals, this 360 video explores the ways in which, contrary to what we may think, Gates believes the world is getting better.

5. Glacier Cave 360

This short and simple 360 video from the BBC transports you to a small cave under a glacier in Alaska. Whilst not exactly compelling, it’s a relaxing minute and a half of calming water noises and aqua green that’s both calming and entrancing.

6. Iguanas Vs Snakes 360

We return to the BBC once again (BBC Earth, to be precise), where we join the Planet Earth team on the Galapagos to experience the unique sight of snakes hunting marine iguanas. Being Planet Earth, it is, of course, captivating to watch, whilst the 360 immersion makes it feel as though you were really there.

7. A Day In The Life of a ‘90s Teen

This lighthearted video from BuzzFeedVideo is a fun little story of one teenage girl getting up to a bit of mischief. Whilst the surroundings are recognisably ‘90s, the situation is a timeless one. It’s a lovely reminder that, whilst some things change over generations, others will always be the same.

8. Saturnz Barz - Gorillaz Music Video

Music videos seem to be a really great medium for harnessing the power of 360 video. Gorillaz has always been a band with an interest in mixing up reality, so getting into VR early was always going to be on the cards for them. This video for their single, Saturnz Barz, is an example of how great music and great storytelling come together in new ways when you put it in 360 degrees.

9. Rogue One 360° VR Experience

Of course, any experience that puts you on the ground with a bunch of Stormtroopers, complete with lasers and explosions, is going to be a winner. What’s more, in true promotional fashion, you get to make your getaway in a Nissan (of all things).

10. 360 Degree Tour of Amber Valletta’s Closet

Fashion followers will actually die when they see supermodel Amber Valletta showing off her amazing wardrobe in this episode of Vogue’s YouTube 360 video series, Supermodel Closets. Aside from Amber’s closet tour, you can also check out other episodes, including Kendall Jenner and other big name fashionistas. 

What are your favourite YouTube 360 videos? Share them with us! We’re always up for seeing new examples of innovative 360-degree content!