Virtually Stage, Renovate Or Create A Showcase Show home

Due to unprecedented demand, EyeSpy360 now offers 3 new services to virtually enhance any space even if a single brick has yet to be laid. An indispensable tool in helping you and your clients visualise any space, anywhere in the world. Just upload your images in to your account and we will do the rest.

Virtual Staging (From $79 per 360 photo)

Virtually stage any space within 48 hours without needing to lift a finger. Forget spending vast sums of money staging an empty property to give buyers that all important best first impression. Now with EyeSpy360's Virtual Staging Service you just take 360 photos and we will convert them in to a beautifully staged property for you. Click below to Virtually Stage!

Renovation (From $99 per 360 photo)

Imagine a property in need of of complete gutting and refurbishment. Now think how amazing it would be to see a version of how the property could look after a full renovation within 48 hours...

What's the difference between Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation?

Virtual staging is where photo realistic furniture, fixtures and fittings can be digitally added to any part of an existing building using only your 360 photos. Perfect for showcasing what a new build property might look like after it has been fully furnished. In this scenario the flooring, walls and ceiling are not changed in any way.


However, with Virtual Renovation the interior (walls, floors and ceilings) of an entire building (commercial or residential) can be fully transformed, irrelevant of the current condition. Perfect for development opportunities where you wish to showcase the finished product.

How Do I proceed?

1) Upload the 360 images that you want to be virtually staged in to a new tour inside of your account.

2) Fill in this form

3) Once we receive your order it will be processed typically within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) whereupon you will receive an email confirmation. Your virtually staged images will be available in the tour where you uploaded the original images.

Full CGI (From $2000)

Why spend a fortune on building show homes when you can create a photo realistic version which can be viewed on any device from anywhere. Options are pretty much endless and although this process takes far longer than virtual staging the cost saving implications are staggering.

Please contact our specialist CGI team to discuss your requirements.