How EyeSpyLIVE™ Will Reduce Property Marketing and Showing Costs

Estimates suggest that estate agents currently spend around £650 million a year on property viewings alone. That is a huge wastage for the industry and could spell doom for some, particularly smaller agencies. Luckily, however, technological developments in the property sector (PropTech) are already helping alleviate some of this substantial cost.

We are, of course, most interested in one technology in particular, 360-degree virtual tours. Allowing prospective buyers and tenants to view properties remotely is becoming an ever more popular way to market property. It saves time for the buyer/tenant and for the agent, who also stands to save considerable money by conducting significantly fewer property viewings.

But what if you could take those virtual viewings one step further?

Well, we have!

We are launching a brand new feature, EyeSpyLIVE™, which is set to take the tech to a whole new level.

Rather than simply taking a virtual tour around a property, EyeSpyLIVE™ allows agents to join the client in a video chat, where both parties can talk to one another whilst taking the virtual tour. It’s exactly like a property viewing in person, but without actually having to leave the house or office.

It’s not just the agent and client that can have a property viewing together on EyeSpyLIVE™, either. 

Clients can dial in with their partner or prospective housemates from multiple locations, all taking the tour at the same time. They can look at what they want to in their own time (which makes it much more interactive than a standard video).

Not only this, but with EyeSpyLIVE™, you can integrate text to further explain certain elements of a property or surrounding area, answering a lot of queries that clients usually ask during viewings. You can have close-up shots of certain things that viewers might want to look at in more detail, and you can integrate it with Google Street View.

By adding Google Street View into the tour itself, clients can take a look around the local area, see what the next door neighbours’ properties are like, and - of course - view the property from the outside.

All of these features certainly make EyeSpyLIVE™ a better way to interact with the client, and to keep that human element of a shared experience. Cutting out all the time spent organising property viewings around the current owners or tenants, not to mention travel time, investors, buyers, and tenants from anywhere in the world can talk to you whilst they view the property, or get added extra information as they take their tour.

Generation X and Millennials are now reaching the point at which they are ready to take their first steps on the property ladder, or are at least renting properties. These generations use mobile for almost every aspect of their lives, and EyeSpyLIVE™ allows them to do that, together, from wherever they are.

We see EyeSpyLIVE™ as perhaps the best thing we have released so far. In it, we see huge potential to make agents’, buyers’, and tenants’ lives easier and the entire property marketing and buying process more streamlined and cost effective than ever before. We are really excited to present EyeSpyLIVE™ to you, helping you make the best choices for your property marketing.