EyeSpy360™ Now Taking Pre-Orders For The Brand New Ricoh Theta V

Something we’ve all been waiting for is the release of the RICOH THETA V later this month. Here we bring you a sneak preview of this long-anticipated camera!

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As compact as their two previous Theta cameras, the THETA V is lightweight and sleek with two 12 megapixel CMOS sensors, capable of 5376 x 2688 images. These two sensors are also placed very closely together which allows the camera to produce really seamless 360-degree images.

Ricoh tell us that they have “changed the exposure accuracy and white balance algorithm by combining image processing technology”, which according to them, significantly improves the quality of still images and video. The THETA V will also produce higher definition images, even in low-lit environments. What’s more, there is now even better sound quality with the new omnidirectional audio recording functionality. Users will be able to take advantage of the four built-in microphones. There is also an external microphone available, presumably for use at concerts or sports games etc., which inevitably boasts even more enhanced sound quality. Similarly, waterproof casing is also available from October for those who want to take shots among the fishes!

Learn more about the THETA V HERE.

The camera’s internal memory is a generous 19 gigabytes, and this will allow you to take 4,800 images, 40 minutes of 4K video, or 130 minutes of 1080p video. If you did want more memory though, it’s worth noting that there is no SD card slot. As with the THETA S, the V’s videos can be a maximum of 25 minutes each. It also uses the same smartphone application, except now transfer speeds are significantly faster. You will now have the ability to display your 360-degree pictures on a TV with a compatible wireless adaptor, allowing you to show off your captures on a large screen.

Retailing for £399.99, the THETA V seems to have the whole package, as many people can agree that the THETA S’s video quality was its main flaw, but Ricoh seem to have fixed any previous qualms with this new THETA V. The minimum interval for those using the interval shooting feature has been reduced by about half the time of previous models. Now you can take pictures at an interval of four seconds. You can also shoot using the ultra-high shutter speed of up to 1/25000 seconds.

In terms of using the camera with EyeSpy360™'s software, this is a step up from current 360-degree offerings, as the 4K resolution will really bring your virtual tours to life.

Overall, we think that the RICOH THETA V is a really exciting, top range product which will be snapped up in seconds on its release date. EyeSpy360™ are really proud to be promoting this camera, and you can pre-order yours now along with a Manfrotto Tripod (MMXPROA3B), a Google Cardboard VR Headset, a Case, window stickers and setup instructions for £430 plus VAT and shipping costs.

If you want to be one of the first to have this camera, then please contact us to pre-order as soon as possible, as we will be selling on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information email us on contact@eyespy360.com or call us for free on +44 800 999 5 360.