Own Branding

Fully customise your tours with your own branding

EyeSpy360 is fully customisable to allow you to personalise your tours with your logos and your company name.

What can you customise?

Company Logo

Your company logo is a watermark that appears in the top right-hand corner of all your virtual tours. This is viewable inside your tours in every room at any angle to make sure your brand is fully on display.

Nadir Image

A nadir image is a logo that can be added to the bottom of your 360 photo. This is typically used to obscure your tripod and is a perfect opportunity to add an extra layer of branding to your tours.

Hotspot Image

Hotspots are interactive icons inside your virtual tour which can be used to navigate from room to room. These will appear inside your tour so you can easily move around. Our default hotspot is an animated arrow that can be seen below.

If you wish, you can customise your hotspot image from our library selection or upload your own hotspot image. 

Tour URL

Make an impression from inside your tour's own URL. Customise your tour's shareable links to stand out with your company name.

Click here for more information on how you can customise your tours with your own branding

Don't want branding? That's not a problem

When your tours are completed and returned back to you, you will receive two links: the first to a branded version of your tour with all of your own logos; and a second which is a completely branding-free version of your tour without any logos or your company name.

Click here for details on how to view and generate and unbranded tour URL