How Do I Use EyeSpyPLAY™?

Our new feature, EyeSpyPLAY™ allows you to create a pre-recorded and narrated virtual tours for your customers to watch at any time. Market your portfolio even when you're asleep! 

To make these pre-recorded tours, simply click the "Record" button at the bottom of the screen, and the recording will begin. Your voice will be recorded, as well as your movements through the tour, so it's best to make sure you have either an inbuilt, or an external microphone.

Click "RECORD" to start:

Then click "STOP" when you are finished:

These recorded tours can be uploaded onto YouTube and will also be integrated into your normal virtual tour.

To watch the pre-recorded tour, customers will simply press the "Play" button in the taskbar to watch the recorded tour. 

Click the Play button to watch:

Customers can pause the tour and move around the property if they wish, and can then resume the recorded tour, by clicking the "Play" button again at any time.

If you want to redo the recording at any time, simply click the arrow next to the record button and then select "Delete recording" to remove it. You may then rerecord when you are ready to do so.

Click "Delete recording":

To access your recordings, just click on the details tab at the top of the screen, click on the latest publish ID and then click on the tour URL. Your tour will now open in a new window. Simply click on the play button in the toolbar, and your pre-recorded tour will begin.

Alternatively, you can choose to "Autostart EyeSpyPLAY™" so that it plays the recording automatically when the end user views your virtual tour.

Turn on "EyeSpyPLAY™ autostart":

Below is a demonstration of an EyeSpyPLAY™ pre-recorded tour of the beautiful Falconwood House: