Can I Use My Mobile Phone To Create 360 Images?

Yes, you can!

To create 360 photos that you can upload to EyeSpy360™'s portal, you can use an Android or iOS phone and our rotator kit.

This rotator works with any mobile phone and it can be used to produce premium 360-degree images. Simply attach it to your smartphone, clip on the included fisheye lens and put it on your rotator, placed on a tripod. It's the perfect alternative to 360-degree cameras.

See Example Tour:

What Is It?

Create 360-degree images using your mobile phone.

The rotator kit corrects colours, reduces blur, and stitches your images, so you get stunning 360 photos which can be immediately uploaded to EyeSpy360™.

How Do I Use It?

One kit, three easy steps, three seconds to create 360 images from any smartphone.

1) Get The App

Install theVRkit app and turn your bluetooth on.

2) Set Up The Kit

Clip the lens on your phone camera and use the rotator for precise capture.

3) Shoot & Share

Click on the app to take 720 VR images and share them instantly.

Please View the Video Below for More Details: