How Do I Use Info Labels?

EyeSpy360's Info Labels allow you to add labels within your tours that contain text, images, embedded videos or even Google Street View. They're really simple to get the hang of and the video below explains exactly how to use them.

EyeSpy360™ Tutorial - Info Labels

In order to add a label, simply choose the desired donut that you want to add the label to, and then simply double click it, or press "360 View". Then press "Add Info", and this will open up the Info Labels Editor.

Once in here, to add a photo just click on the picture symbol (shown below), then just browse to the photo you want and click open. You will see that the image is uploaded into the editor and you are free now to add text above or below your image, or of course add more images! Always make sure that you click the save button below before closing the Info Labels Editor.

Before saving and closing this editor always give your label a name in the Label field shown above, so that it is clear to the viewer of your tour what the label relates to, for example, "Attic Information" or "Boiler Specification".

Once you’ve saved it, click the cross in the top right of the editor. Now just move your label around to your preferred place. Nice and easy!

Adding text is even easier still. Once again, press "Add Info", and simply type your text into the editor. You can make the text bold, italicised, or centrally-aligned if you would like. Just add your label name as before and click "Save". Click close and move the label to where you would like it. 

To insert a video, click on the video symbol and then paste in the URL (link) to your video from, for example, Youtube or Vimeo. For full information on how to upload a video to Youtube please click here. You can also insert a 360 video into your label to give your tour a real boost!

To add a link to another website or file such as an Adobe PDF document, type in your text, such as "Property Details", then highlight the words and press the "Link" symbol. Copy and paste the URL to your document and click save. Now your text should appear blue and underlined. Click the save symbol and close this label, moving it to where you want it.

Finally, to add Google Street View, click the Google Maps symbol as shown in the diagram above, to show the "Street View" box. Then go to your property on Google Maps, and click "Share". Google then displays the box below and you will need to copy the "Embed Image" code and then paste that back into the "Street View" box.

If everything has worked correctly, you should see the Google Street View within the editor. Now name the label and don’t forget that all important save symbol. Close this label, and again move it into your favoured spot. 

You can also add multiple pieces of content into the same label and you can choose which symbol you wish your Info Label to display, as shown in the example below.

Simply click "Add Info" and select from our range of new Info Label icons in the drop down menu.

Now that we have added all the various types of Info Labels available to us, you can publish the tour as normal!