Spot The Difference - Ricoh Theta V, S and SC Image Quality Comparison

A subject often debated in the EyeSpy360™ office is the difference in quality between the cameras which we stock and recommend, the RICOH THETAS. Our CTO is convinced that there is no difference between the SC and the S. Our COO believes that there is only a tiny difference between the S and the SC and not enough to warrant the difference in price, but he firmly believes that the V is better than both, and worth the price difference!

Similarly, our CEO claims that the S and the SC are similar, but the V is leagues above, and our Software Quality Assurance Manager reckons that the V captures too much lighting.

Our Designer prefers the S overall especially in terms of the foreground and our Business Development Manager thinks that all three cameras are extremely similar in quality.

Meanwhile our Marketing Manager (me!) just wants to settle the dispute once and for all, so please help me out here. Let me know which one is your favourite and cast your vote below...


A. B. C.


A. B. C.

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