How Should You Present Your Live Virtual Property Tour?

If you’re just getting started with presenting live virtual property tours then you may be wondering how they differ from the in-person property viewings you’ve been hosting throughout your career. The short answer is that there is very little difference. There are just a few things to consider that you may not have had to think about before.

Your Appearance

In terms of appearance and environment, it is fairly obvious that you should wear what you would usually wear for a property viewing. For most agents, that’s a suit or at least a shirt and tie. In fact, the shirt and tie should suffice for a live virtual tour. In terms of the environment where you sit whilst conducting the live virtual tour, choose somewhere quiet with a plain, neutral background. Keep it neat, keep it professional. 

You will be appearing to the clients in the corner of the screen. Consider it the same as a Skype video call or FaceTime. You won’t be particularly large, won’t be filling their whole screen, but it is still important that what they do see is clear and neat. 


Be the first one on the call so that you are ready and waiting when the clients tune in. Being early gives you the opportunity to make sure your mic, camera, and the software is all working properly. It also gives the client a good impression that you care enough to be there ready for them - exactly as with an in-person viewing.

The Tour Itself

Once your virtual introductions have been made, give the clients a very brief rundown of how to use the software. Keep it simple and ensure they understand, but don’t dwell too heavily on the more in-depth features as these will become apparent as the tour progresses. As you collaboratively travel from room to room, draw their attention to the touchpoints that provide extra information, close-up photos, and videos. Show them the outside with the Google StreetView feature, and address any questions they may have just as you would in real life.

Only once the tour comes to a close should you let them know about the additional feature of the software that allows them to log in and re-tour the property at their leisure without your presence. This point is also perhaps the time to let them know about any other virtual tours you have on offer of similar properties that they can view with you right away.


There’s a chance you may encounter resistance from some clients who may query the fact that they cannot see a particular view, any smells, sounds, or what the neighbours are like for themselves. Your answer to these concerns is that, if they are interested in the property after the virtual tour, then you can arrange a normal in-person tour that will let them assess all these factors for themselves. The purpose of a live virtual property tour like this is, after all, to give clients a sense of the property to help them narrow down their search and shortlist the properties they wish to view in person.

To Conclude…

As we say, it’s hardly very different from an in-person tour. The main difference is simply that you’re sitting down, warm and comfortable, looking at a screen, saving time and money for all parties and helping the client optimise their property search. With that in mind, you can start putting out those live virtual property tours with confidence. It’s going to be great!