A Beginner's Guide to Using Social Media to Market Property

As some of you may know, our last blog post discussed the ways in which social media is beginning to surpass traditional property portals, such as Rightmove and Zoopla. In fact, some of our clients have even told us that they've sold houses using Facebook alone! This is happening much quicker than we were expecting.

So as promised at the end of the previous blog post, (Could Social Networks Overtake Property Portals?) without further ado, EyeSpy360™ Presents: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Social Media to Market Property.


Boosting Posts


1) Once you have created a post on your Facebook Business Page, click "Boost Post"

 Now you will see various changeable options, allowing you to fine-tune the details of your boosted post.

2) Choose an Objective

What do you want to see as a result of this boosted post. This can be more website visits or greater post engagement.


3) Pick an Audience

You can choose to boost the post to people who like your page, to those who've liked your page and their friends, and to other audience members you want to specifically target. 


We suggest clicking on "Edit" next to "People you choose through targeting" to choose people this way. 

4) You can then pick the Gender of the people you wish to target, the Age Range and the Location(s)

You can also select your audience based on Detailed Targeting, which allows you to include and exclude people based on Demographics, Interests, Behaviours and more.

5) But our advice would be to focus on the Locations section, in order to target people in your local area

Put in your local postcodes or towns, as shown in the example below.

6) Facebook will then tell you whether your audience size is too specific, too broad or defined

In this example, you can see that you could reach up to 8,600,000 people.

7) Choose your Budget and Duration

The minimum budget you can set is £1.00 per day. So you can select 1 Day for a total of £1.00 if you wish to. Or you can select 14 Days for £20 for example. It will then tell you how many people you can potentially reach based on this timescale and budget.


8) Select your Payment Method

You then also have the option to get updates and tips for any ads created and managed under your account sent straight to your Facebook Messenger.


9) Finally, some last minute checks

Once you have previewed how your post will look on a Desktop News Feed and a Mobile News Feed, as shown below, and you have reviewed Facebook's Terms & Conditions, click Boost and you're all ready to go.

Now sit back and watch as the views come flooding in!