60 Second Interview With Our CEO

I took the opportunity to interview the Chief Executive Officer of our company, to find out his perspective on what it takes to be at the forefront of the property technology industry during a time of major change. As the industry shifts, Andrew insists that one thing must stay the same and that is an exceptional level of customer service.

Q: What Does It Say On Your Business Card?

Andrew Nicholls


+44 203 209 7934

+44 7830 116121


Q: Who Are EyeSpy360?

The World's No.1 Self-Service Virtual Tour Platform.

Q: How Long Have EyeSpy360 Been Trading?

My Co-Founder, Michael and I began creating the EyeSpy360 platform back in January 2016, eventually going live in May of that year.

Q: How Did It All Start?

We spent nine months researching the virtual tour marketplace, and saw a real gap in the market for a platform that was scalable, simple, affordable and had mass market appeal. We saw an opportunity, and we went for it.

Q: Why Choose EyeSpy360?

Firstly we are really easy to use, our unique, donut-shaped panoramas allow anybody to create a virtual tour, even if they’re a self-admitted technophobe! You can also use any 360° camera on the market, and even smartphone apps, making us a lot cheaper than other virtual tour providers, where you have to buy expensive hardware. As well as this, we are constantly updating our software, to introduce new and exciting features, such as EyeSpyLIVE™, which is like a FaceTime or Skype call embedded into a virtual tour and allows our clients to join in a live video chat. EyeSpyLIVE™ has been cited by many worldwide as a game changer.

Q: What Are Your Three Unique Selling Points?

1) Our Price - We introduced a Free Plan that removes any barriers for our clients. Even our Pro Plans offer greater value for money than anyone else out there.

2) Our Workflow - EyeSpy360’s unique, patent-pending workflow allows users to create virtual tours quicker and with less effort than any other platform on the market. We are 100% quicker than even our nearest competitor and in some cases nearly 1000% quicker.

3) Our Products - With the recent launch of EyeSpyLIVE™ and EyeSpyPLAY™, we are building and launching groundbreaking and real value-added products. With the recent launch of EyeSpyLABS, our black project division, we are working on some very cool, next generation products such as our Automatic Floor Plan Generator. Watch this space…

Q: Who Do You Currently Work With?

As examples, we are working with the likes of Countrywide, JLL, CBRE, Martin & Co and Knight Frank to name but a few, in addition to a number of property portals that we are fully integrating with. These are of course in addition to a plethora of other companies across over 70 countries.

Q: How Do You Overcome Your Competitors?

We firstly make sure that we know who are competitors are, what they are offering and how their platforms work. We guarantee that we differentiate ourselves and go above and beyond their offering.

We also ensure that we are fully aware of our clients wants and needs and can create our new product releases to reflect the most current, innovative and forward-thinking trends in the industry.

As well as this, we make sure we provide the best customer service possible to existing customers and target new markets at the same time. We look to the future but we also make sure we retain our loyal clients.

Ultimately how do we overcome them? For us it’s about product…product, product, product, oh and great customer service!

Q: How Do You Create Value For Your Clients (How Do You Go Above The Call Of Duty)?

We treat every customer like they are our only customer. It’s important for us to be a tech company with a human being present. Personally, I am sick and tired of tech companies who don’t have a phone number or any way of speaking to a human, it’s so frustrating.

So customer service is really key, as is creating a great portfolio of products. By adding them on to the existing subscription and not charging more every time, the value for our clients only increases. In turn, our products increase efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs. Now that’s value!

Q: What Is Your Greatest Achievement And What Made It So Special?

Our greatest achievement is catalysing a much-needed paradigm shift and building what has now become the world’s number one virtual tour platform. What made it so special? The feedback and testimonials we receive every day.

Q: What Do You Feel It Takes To Be Successful In The Industry?

Like anything, it takes perseverance and hard work. It’s also crucial that you take PropTech into consideration, as the younger generations are growing up expecting every aspect of their life to be mobile, and therefore we must adapt with these changes to the industry.

Moreover, you must find a real niche in the market as it is one that is oversaturated with new companies and ideas. Therefore it is important that you offer something unique and innovational, as EyeSpy360 do!

Ultimately it takes blood, sweat and tears, oh and a lack of sleep! Make sure you know your market, know your customers and know your competitors inside out.

Q: Are You Offering Any Special Promotions?

  • Yes, we can offer a 10% discount for three months prepayment.
  • 20% discount for six months prepayment.
  • 30% discount for 12 months prepayment.

We can also provide a free Rotator Kit, which works with any smartphone, if you sign up to EyeSpyPRO 10 or above.

So simply give us a ring on +44 (0) 203 209 7934, or email us at contact@eyespy360.com for more information.