Own Branding (PRO)

Personalise Your Tours So That They Match Your Company Branding

On our Pro Packages all of our tours are customisable to show your own company branding. 

What Can You Change?

The Viewer Logo

This can be seen in the top right-hand corner in all of our virtual tours. 

The Nadir Image

This is the logo that you can see at the very bottom of your tour (circular logo that covers the tripod, normally on the floor), by default it will be our logo.

The Hotspot Image

This is what you click on to move into another room within the any of our virtual tours. This can be changed very easily to match your company branding.

The Tour URL

You are able to make the link address of each of your tours match your company name, for example, yourcompany.vr-360-tour.com/tour...

See How Do I Replace The Default Logos With My Own Logos? FAQ page for more info