How Do I Replace The Default Logos With My Own Logos?

Please take a look at the video below for a step-by-step guide:

Once you are logged in to your EyeSpy360™ account, you can swap the logos with your own company branding if you wish to do so and your subscription allows.

The Nadir Image is a picture you can see on the very bottom of the room in your tour (the place where the camera was placed during the shooting), by default it will be our logo.

The Hotspot Image is the one you click on to be transferred to another room during a tour. Both can be changed very easily to match your company branding.

The Viewer Logo is also changeable and this can be seen in the top right-hand corner in all tours. You are also able to add your website address, so when a customer clicks on this image it will take them to your website. You will need to confirm that your current subscription allows for this.

To make these changes you need to go into the “Settings" tab. Now click the current Nadir Image on the left-hand side and click “Upload Company Logo”. Then browse to your logo and click "Open". This will upload your logo and you can toggle the scale if you need to. Once you are happy with the preview just click “Save” and then close.

It is a very similar process for changing the hotspots. Simply click the Hotspot Image on the left, and either select one of the preset images or upload your own using the plus icon. Once you have chosen your hotspot you have the option to adjust the colour, and you can then click “Set”.

Finally, it is the same process to change the Company Logo. Again, click on the current logo, and then browse to your logo and confirm your selection. Now when you next publish a tour, your new logo preferences will be visible within the tour. Of course this is subject to your subscription, as mentioned earlier.